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Experience a Consistent and Long-Lasting Fresh Fragrance

USE:  SCENTZ4U works in virtually every vehicle - mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars and storage, home, office. 
DON'T USE:  In your glove box, on your peddles, inside car vents.  

SCENTZ4U Eliminates Tough Odors!

Customer Reviews

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Demetrius Bowman
Demetrius Bowman

Continously provide courteous and professional services.

Freddie Bratchett
Great Scentz!! (Leather)

Long lasting scents, will definitely purchase again.

carlos romo
Awesome product!! Great scents!! So STRONG!!!

I am very happy with my products!! They last so long and are very very strong. Although the leather scent I ordered does not quite smell like leather. It’s a bit off. But I am not complaining. I love it anyway. It’s close enough. The scent is still going strong. It’s very strong. And smells great.
Thank you for making a product that stands by your advertising. I will most definitely be placing another order. I will also be sharing my products and finding with a car wash buddy of mine. To see if he may be interested in buying some products for his business. His customers would love it. Again thank you. For a great honest product. I will be placing an order soon. And will more than likely try another scent.
Keep the R&D going, and let’s see if we can truly hit the tee “Leather” scent. And I will be the first to buy it up!!!

Great Smell 👍🏽

I don’t do reviews, but I must say that this is a great smelling product, every one that gets into my truck ask what that great smell, I purchased the leather spray and block, I will purchase again 👍🏽


Leather has an awesome smell to it. It’s like having fresh leather seat in a brand new car. It’s close to it but at the same time it has like a freshness unique smell that makes your car smell pretty good. Definitely recommend it if you have leather seats has it brings out the new car smell that highlights the leather seat smell to it.