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Experience a Consistent and Long-Lasting Fresh Fragrance

USE:  SCENTZ4U works in virtually every vehicle - mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars and storage, home, office. 
DON'T USE:  In your glove box, on your peddles, inside car vents.  

SCENTZ4U Eliminates Tough Odors!

Customer Reviews

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Paul Dickerson

Smell good but doesn't last long

Alex Sezer
A dab will do!!!!

There’s an old saying “A Dab Will Do” and in the case of Sentz4u, it’s a fact. The Banana Twist Spray is Awesome. I can actually smell it ad I’m approaching my truck. All it takes is a spray or two and my truck smells like your favorite dessert shop. So far, everyone that has entered my truck loves it. Thanks Scentz4U.

Cris Miles

Banana Twist Spray

Natalee Wilson
Car blocks and spray bottle

This is my 3rd time ordering from them and I will continue, the scent last me, that small bottle last me a few months and you can smell the car blocks soon as I open my car door.

I’m Bananas for Banana Twist Spray

I was pleasantly surprised to see how fast I received my order; felt like next day shipping! I appreciate the scents being in glass bottles instead of plastic, and the long tubbing inside the spray means no liquid will be left behind once it reaches empty. The Banana Twist Spray gives a light sugary sweet smell that makes you want to smile in ah. I secretly sprayed it in a public area at work, and everyone in passing gave pause to how wonderful it smelled and wondered where it was coming from. The scent does not overpower and is long lasting with hints of it throughout the air. I was thoroughly impressed with the other scents I purchased; All are true to their names, and I’m obsessed with how long lasting and wonderful they smell.