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Experience a Consistent and Long-Lasting Fresh Fragrance

USE:  SCENTZ4U works in virtually every vehicle - mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars and storage, home, office. 
DON'T USE:  In your glove box, on your peddles, inside car vents.  

SCENTZ4U Eliminates Tough Odors!

Customer Reviews

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Allen Waddell Sr
Smell not the same

New packaging don’t have the same smell I wasn’t happy, the old wrapping you have a nice big smell with these I had two in my truck and still didn’t give off a good smell on all five I purchased.


What impresses me the most is the versatility of these fresheners. They are perfect for any space – be it your car, house, or even a small room. The scent is so effective; it begins to work its magic immediately upon unpacking, which is quite remarkable. each freshener is supposed to last for about two months. While I can't verify this claim just yet, the initial performance is promising. I'm looking forward to seeing if they truly hold up for the full duration as advertised. I plan to update this review after two months to provide a more comprehensive assessment. In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend these scented air fresheners to anyone. Whether you're looking to enhance the aroma of your living space or simply want a pleasant scent in your car, these fresheners are up to the task. Their immediate impact and promising longevity make them a worthwhile purchase.


Smells great lasts for an awhile.

Kim Watson
Smell Goods

Returning customer. Scents are EXACTLY what they say they are.

Xavier Morales
Fall is here!

Cinnamon apple spice smells so delicious. It’s that familiar, warm, and cozy fall scent we all love so much! I bought two, one under driver and passenger seat. I am definitely buying more to put around the house! Smells fantastic. Everytime I get in my girlfriends car I am glad I got the scents for her, from here. 100000% recommend. Get rid of the little tree air fresheners.