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Experience a Consistent and Long-Lasting Fresh Fragrance

USE:  SCENTZ4U works in virtually every vehicle - mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars and storage, home, office. 
DON'T USE:  In your glove box, on your peddles, inside car vents.  

SCENTZ4U Eliminates Tough Odors!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Alexis Williamson
Love it!

I absolutely love this scent. It’s been about two weeks and my truck still smells so good. I will definitely be purchasing more very soon

Tonya Smith
Just right

Smells amazing as I knew they would. Very good customer service, would be nice if all companies contacted you to let you know what's going on with your order. Such as Scentz4u

Felisa Vilaubi
So fragrant

Nice long lasting fragrances. Lemon is Devine.

Troy Harrison
Not very strong

I purchased the Black Ice and Linen for my cars!!!! The Black Ice is great. Open the door and you can smell it. The Linen I cannot smell it at all and I have two of them in the car!!!! From here on out I will stick with Black Ice and Baby Powder!!!!

Dr. Shawn Renee Forman
Linen is my favorite!

I love SCENTZ4U! The smell last forever. Linen is a soft scent that is has aromatherapeutic properties. It helps me to have clear thoughts when I get in my car.